Lab News

Remote activities

During the pandemic, new efforts have been made so that activities can be carried out following safety and social distancing standards. This week, we met remotely with the purpose of structuring the continuity of the lab activities. We used this moment to review standards of our insect rearing systems, the progress of students coursework activities and… Continue reading Remote activities

Brazilian cheeses matured in the presence of mites

The Brain and Phy lab has as one of its missions the combination of innovative approaches that link insect physiology with all fundamental and applied knowledge of insect science. This time, physiological, toxicological and legislative contributions resulted in another innovative work for the team and PPG Entomology of the Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV). The… Continue reading Brazilian cheeses matured in the presence of mites

Papo de inseto

This week, we had the participation of our principal investigator professor Eugênio Oliveira, in the “Papo de inseto” promoted by the Instagram profile “Insetos do Sertão” (@insetosdosertao). The profile was created by Biologist Dsc. Tiago Costa Lima, researcher at Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), in order to share informative and humorous content about the world… Continue reading Papo de inseto