Khalid Haddi

Dr. Haddi’s pursuits in academia and prokhalidfessionally have to a large extent been driven by his deep interest in insect pest populations and how the molecular methods and techniques can help with insects issues. Dr Haddi received his first degree in Horticulture engineering (Master equivalent) form the “Institut Agronomique et veterinaire Hassan II” in Morocco. In 2006, he was admitted in the Agris Mundus international master course and was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. He attended the master in “the safe production in horticulture” training track, being enrolled during the first year (2006-2007) at the Life faculty of Copenhagen University (Denmark) and during the second year (2007-2008) at the faculty of Agriculture of the University of Catania (Italy). After his master, Dr Haddi was awarded the Italian government scholarship for the international PhD program in “Entomological Sciences and Protection of Agro-ecosystems” from the University of Catania in Italy working on insecticide resistance issues. An important part of his research was carried out in the Plant and Invertebrate Ecology Department and the Insect Molecular Biology Group at Rothamsted Research (United Kingdom). Since 2013, Dr. Haddi integrated the Entomology Department at UFV as Science Without Boarder associate researcher where he is conducting, within the Invertebrates Neurophysiology lab, various works on toxicology and molecular biology approaches applied to insects pest management as well as resistance to toxicants in arthropods. Leia mais.


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