Brazilian cheeses matured in the presence of mites

The Brain and Phy lab has as one of its missions the combination of innovative approaches that link insect physiology with all fundamental and applied knowledge of insect science. This time, physiological, toxicological and legislative contributions resulted in another innovative work for the team and PPG Entomology of the Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV).

The study was proposed by the PhD student in Food Science Michelle de Medeiros Carvalho, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC), and several researchers took part in this study, including the Brain & Phy Professor Eugênio Oliveira, and the the senior investigator Dr. André Luis Matioli, which pursued his graduate studes at the PPG in Entomology at UFV.

The studies were conducted in the municipality of Serro (MG), known for its artisanal production of cheeses, and resulted in the pioneer scientific work entitled “Chemometric evaluation of the metabolites and volatile profiles of mite-ripened cheeses“, published on July 2nd in the International Dairy Journal. The work showed, for the first time, mites present in Brazilian cheeses, matured in Neotropical conditions, determining chemometric characteristics (of smell and taste) that change in the presence of these organisms.

Prof. Oliveira points out how rewarding is to see teamwork involving members from different institutions (UFSC, UFV and the Biological Institute of Campinas) and productive sectors – such as EMBRAPA and the artisanal cheese producers. “I understand that this is the path that should be sought, where all the links of this productive chain contribute to society as a whole. Our PPG Entomologia shows once again its pioneering spirit, and again our laboratory shows that science has no boundaries”.

Together with the team of entomologists, and the PhD student Michelle Carvalho, there was a multidisciplinary team, which include Mrs Carvalho advisor Prof. Juliano De Dea Lindner (UFSC) and the Prof. Célia Lúcia de Luces Fortes Ferreira (UFV) and Norma Machado da Silva (UFSC). This work belongs to the trilogy of Brazilian cheeses matured in the presence of mites, where the other two works published in the Journal of Stores Products Research, are Morphological and molecular characteristics of stored-product mites found on Brazilian ripened cheeses, published in December 2018 and Stored products mites in cheese ripening: Health aspects, technological and regulatory challenges in Brazil“, published in March 2018.

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